My Tuesday spiritual group started working on a workbook about self-compassion called the Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook by Kristen Neff and Christopher Germer. We read a bit in the workbook and then answered three questions: 1. How do you show compassion to friends – what do you say, how is your body language, what do you […]

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Choosing Love or Fear – Lessons from China

  I just got back from China on May 2nd. What a trip! Three weeks of touring through China with 25 other souls. We were so busy and saw so much and it often felt overwhelming! As I look back I am happy I went and that we saw it all. I am also reflecting […]

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Coaching into Nothingness

What if we did nothing? What if we took time out of our day and just did nothing. Would the world fall apart if billions of people around the world did nothing for 30 minutes a day? Probably not. In fact we would probably have a more productive world. When I think of success and […]

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