Choosing Love or Fear – Lessons from China


I just got back from China on May 2nd. What a trip! Three weeks of touring through China with 25 other souls. We were so busy and saw so much and it often felt overwhelming! As I look back I am happy I went and that we saw it all. I am also reflecting on what I learned and how the trip has impacted me. As I browse through my pictures I see the one of the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong. We took a 25 minute cable car ride up to it, most of the time we were hanging in the air way above the mountains. This put me out of my comfort zone as I do not like heights, but it was worth it! In that moment I asked myself am I in fear or Love?

A lot of the trip was me being out of my comfort zone. At the time its not fun, but once I moved through the discomfort I was so excited that I did; whatever it was that I was afraid of. There were many times that I had to check myself to see if I was in fear or love. Was I anxious for a real reason like danger, or because I was in my head telling myself stories and creating drama that put me into fear. We carry along with us a lot of baggage and belief systems that don’t always serve us. Once we can identify the stories and beliefs we can also see our patterns and make different choices. We can choose love over fear.

Looking back at the trip and seeing the patterns that emerged are a great way for me to clean up my inner world. It’s a way of identifying the patterns, talking with my inner child and seeing where I hooked into the belief that does not serve me anymore. Then I can choose a new way of being and when I do this, it feels like a rebirth.

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