Cranial Sacral Therapy – not just for headaches.

Our bodies are complex and made of layers – there is our structural system made of bones, then we have muscles connected to the bones, fascia tissue covering all the muscles, and of course our nervous system running throughout – and that’s just part of the picture.  Cranial sacral therapy works on these systems and their interactions. It is effective for a wide range of medical problems including headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ pain, acute injuries and chronic pain.  It can also help facilitate emotional release and reduce stress.  Our bodies are amazing and have the capacity to heal themselves but sometimes need help.  Cranial sacral therapy involves light touch to help the body restore itself from any imbalances, stored trauma or strain patterns.  The practitioner works at the level of the bones, muscles, fascia tissue and nervous system, gently feeling the natural rhythms of the body.


Sometimes our bodies hold on to emotional trauma and this can show up as physical aches and pains, anxiety and/or stress.  As a practitioner with years of experience in energy healing, I can help you identify and release emotional blockages.  For example, one client came in with hip pain that was interfering with her attending bootcamp.  Working together she identified that she had been worrying about a decision to move forward with living with her partner.  She recognized that the indecision was causing her stress.  After talking through her concerns, her whole body released tension and allowed her hip to begin to heal.  After another session she was remarkably better and returned to bootcamp.


Other times an injury in one area can actually cause pain in another area.  I have had many patients who have had car accidents years before resulting in whiplash that come in with lower back pain.  After assessment and working with the body, often it is the tightness of the fascia tissue from the previous whiplash injury that is causing the pain.  Working with the body to release the tension in the neck and upper back can result in relief of the lower back.  And sometimes just by working on the sacrum the upper back and neck release.  The number of sessions it takes to see results often depends on how long the pain or injury has been felt and what the cause is.  Typically results are seen within 2 to 5 sessions.


Again, I am always fascinated by how the body heals itself with just a little help.    Our bodies are not made to live with pain and imbalances, these are signs to seek help.  If you are suffering or want to take some preventive care, please call Elements Wellness Centre a cranial sacral session now!


Sharon Storoschuk, MPH, CCST, RT-CRA

Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist

Reiki Master

Energy Healer