Looking through eyes of Love

I love Fall! Probably because I love trees and in the Fall they are abundant with brilliant colours – the yellows, oranges and reds!  Wow! And we have been so fortunate to have sunny warm weather these last few days. When I see the sun shine on the trees my heart bursts with joy. I think my partner tires of me saying “look at that tree!!” every few steps. I am like a child discovering something new and I want everyone to join in my excitement.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were like that each and every moment in our lives? Excited about life, wanting to share it with everyone around us, enjoying every moment and seeing the brilliance!

And why can’t we. In every moment we get to choose how we react or behave. We get to choose if it’s from a place of Love or fear. Do I see things as an obstacle or an opportunity? Do I have a lot of “shoulds” in my head or do I have some “musts” that push me forward and some “oh well, not now”. Are we gentle with ourselves or critical?

The fall is a good time to really nurture ourselves and to go inward. To let go of what no longer serves us.  And to see the world as a brilliant colourful Fall day!

I choose to look through eyes of love and see brilliance in the world!!