The Magic of Women’s Groups

Every Thursday since January a group of women has gathered in my home to manifest the life of their dreams. There have been about 25 women of different ages from 28 to 71 years of age all seeking to change something in their lives. We’ve worked on beliefs around money, abundance, receiving, careers, relationships, and health. We’ve used different techniques such as dyads, mediation, visualization and energy healing to identify and clear the blocks that are holding us back. And we’ve seen tangible results such as the manifestation of money, trips, new jobs, and shifts in relationships. But that’s not the magical part. The magic is in the group energy.


When women gather with a common goal and they focus on possibilities, the vibration starts to rise and they and the rest of the world are affected for the good! Each Thursday evening became more and more intimate as we started to feel more comfortable with each other and were willing to become vulnerable. We shared our feelings and thoughts with authenticity creating connections that supported us in pursuing our dreams.


Themes began to arise and so when one woman shared, the whole group could relate, which meant when one woman cleared the energetic pattern, most likely the others did too. Sometimes it was simple. In one class we were talking about how each of us gives and receives. Most of the women recognized that they were better at giving than receiving. As we went around the room sharing our experiences with this, one woman said she was good at both. When I tuned into her energy it said something different. So I decided to try something simple. I said to her, “I love your hair, every time I see you it shines and falls perfectly.” She replied, “thank you” and immediately went on to say, “It’s probably genetics because it seems to look good a lot and I don’t do anything to it so I’m sure it’s just that I have good genes because my mom has nice hair and….” She completely explained away the compliment and didn’t even realize what she had done. When I pointed this out and asked her where she felt the “thank you” in her body, she replied that she didn’t feel anything. So I asked her to really listen to the compliment, stop and feel it settle in her body, and then to just reply “thank you”.  She did, and suddenly burst into tears saying that the feeling that came up was shame. She explained away the compliment to hide her true feelings. So we spent some time digging deeper into the beliefs that created this feeling and were able to clear it.


The whole group was mesmerized and realized how much they do the same in their lives. One woman becoming vulnerable allowed the whole group to feel their vulnerability and to look at their belief systems. The homework for the next week was to watch how they feel and what they say when someone gives them a complement, offers to buy them a cup of tea, or gives them a ride home, etc. They had such interesting shares the following week and were so surprised by how they felt when they actually genuinely accepted something from others and when they consciously gave something.


This is just one example. Every night we gathered there was magic. The women arrived frazzled from their day and left softer, gentler and happier, as we not only shared tears, but laughter!  Many times I overheard one of them say to another, “I didn’t expect this tonight! I feel so much better!”


Working with a group of like-minded women allows us to see the beauty in being vulnerable, to recognize that we are similar, and to accept ourselves more fully.  It is such a privilege to see the magic happen every week!


Sharon is an Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Cranial Sacral Therapist, and Meditation Teacher. She is holding another Goddess Manifestation Group on Thursdays at 7:00 pm starting June 8th. To join, please contact me at or call 778-838-2965.



I’m loving the group! It’s inspiring, comforting, healing, enlightening, fun! 

I love the safe and relaxed atmosphere you create with your calm and lovely, caring way. 

Thank you for an enriching experience!  Celeste


I recommend Sharon whole heartedly! She is a beckon of light.  She holds a very safe & sacred space. She is incredibly authentic and approachable. She keeps it real! She bridges spirituality and day to day life. She shares practical tools that inspire me to connect with my inner knowing, my inner guidance on a daily basis. The core values of her teachings are self-love and self-empowerment. Thank you Sharon for leading the way! Melanie


I love how reading your daily emails changes my perspective for the better. Much needed when I’m at work!  Janice