Intuitive Coaching

As an Intuitive Coach I can tune in energetically to what is really holding you back, to use your own Guides to see what the next step is. These sessions are truly magical and transformational!

Intuitive Reading

Tuning into the Divine can give clarity and peace of mind. The Grace that is within you is looking to shine through. Each reading is unique to you and where you are at in your life.

Mediumship Reading

This experience can help you gain peace, clarity and closure.

Awaken your Soul to Divine Love & discover your True Essence!

When we live from that space where our heart opens, we allow our True Selves to shine through. Let go of limiting beliefs. 


I believe that we all have the answers within us to heal. We just need to learn to listen. Most of us are searching outside when the real answers are within. Sometimes we need help shifting and seeing the patterns that hold us back. It’s not about waiting and wanting others to change, it’s about being willing to see and feel differently ourselves.


Trust yourself, trust the Universe. It’s your time to shine.

Shift the energy within to create the life of your dreams

What stories have you created that don’t really fit anymore? 

I hold sacred space so you can hear your Divine Voice and together we shine the light on those blind spots and patterns, and help you to transform to a new way of being. You will be amazed at how your life changes in unexpected ways! I want you to live your life with ease and love. You deserve to receive the abundance that awaits you.

When we learn to live connected to the Divine, everything shifts: our business, our relationships, our health and our Self.

Meet Sharon

I have been searching for my True Essence my whole life, but I didn’t know it. I was in my head, too busy getting 3 university degrees and a career in Public Health and research. During this time, my body was talking very loudly to me about my disconnected Spirit, with skin problems, sleep problems, broken bones and severe depression. It took getting very sick, a failed marriage..


Sharon has a brilliant and individualized approach that left me with a clearer and more specific sense of direction, as well as tools to help bring calm and
peace into my everyday life. 


Sharon's sessions are profoundly healing & transformative. I trust her completely. She is one of the most skilled intuitive healers I have ever met and I have been on my healing path for 20 plus years and worked with lots of massage therapists, healers, and shamans internationally. She helps me release tensions in my physical and energetic bodies that have been held there for decades. Thank you so much Sharon, I feel free, happy & strong! 


I'm loving the group coaching! It's inspiring, comforting, healing, enlightening, fun! I love the safe and relaxed atmosphere you create with your calm and lovely, caring way. Thank you for an enriching experience! 


Sharon guides and supports me as I find my edge and then continues to support and celebrates with me as I work past it.  I feel free to bring any life challenge or win to Sharon, and so I do.  She holds space for me without judgement, helping me navigate this interesting world and life.  I love being part of a small group.  There is always something for me to learn from another person’s share. 


I loved the coaching calls with you, Sharon! I was really surprised by the ease with which we connected and processed a number of important issues. Thank you for walking me through a number of helpful exercises. The skillsets you bring from a range of modalities was impressive and amazingly useful!! 


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Sharon is an Intuitive Coach, Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, intuitive energy healer, and graduate of the Mind, Body, Spirit teacher training program, Sharon has been practicing energy healing for 10 years.